Title: Money: The Evil Eye
René Guénon and the Traditional Spirit

Author: Mircea Tamas

Year: 2015

Publisher: Rose-cross books, Toronto, Canada

ISBN: 978-0-9865872-3-8

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There is no doubt that today "Money is the Devil's Eye". René Guénon wrote an entire chapter about how the concept of "money" decayed, from a traditional to a profane and modern level. Today, after half a century, the degeneration described by Guénon has reached its nadir, as illustrated by the present "economic crisis" and the recurrent "bailouts", a crisis that refutes the absurd theory of "continual progress". In addition to the numerous political, psychological and social implications, which are not our concern, since our viewpoint is purely traditional, the crisis has reinforced an already well-known fact: money tops everything else, and the modern world loudly admitted that nothing is more important than money, that the modern mentality cannot imagine a life without monetary slavery and money as the main aspiration, which makes the "bailouts" vital for maintaining the profane and infrahuman lifestyle.